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Purity skincare is a small family run company, by myself and with the help of my two small boys.


Nature is very much important to them as it is to me and I strongly believe in educating the next generation to respect the environment and the world we live in.


I feel it is very important for us to appreciate where things come from and how things are made, how much time and how many flowers go into making a divine smelling organic essential oil, not to take nature for granted. And the amazing results we can achieve without chemicals.


I myself am a former burns victim and have many keloid scars across my body and truly amazed how natural products have healed them, this is one of the reasons I want to share my information and products where I can, to help others.


My products are completely handmade in micro-batches and contain only the purest natural ingredients.

(And tested on myself, husband and my 2 little helpers)


Non GM/ Not tested on animals/ No petrochemicals/ paraben free/ Palm free and contain on SLS.


All my products are made using sustainable sourced ethical, certified cruelty free, Organic and Vegan friendly ingredients.


In the not so distant future I shall be branching out into Creams, Balms, Serums, Scrubs, Men’s range, Farmers and Gardeners ranges so follow me for more exciting new things to come.

I am also a member of The Guild of Craft Soap and toiletry makers.

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For any queries feel absolutely free to contact me,


Mobile: 07790 569922 / 01597 840623




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